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Team Based Workforce

Our team will provide a comprehensive review of all projects and submit a detailed evaluation.

Research and Development

Need help getting your idea off the ground? We can help bring your concept to any stage of development.

Build Products for Market

Our team of experts allows us the ability to imagine, innovate and initiate your idea from start to finish.

About Us

HUDSON VIEW LABS, INC. was founded on 2015-10-14. The organization’s status is listed as “Active”. Hudson View Labs, Inc. is a DOMESTIC BUSINESS CORPORATION registered in United States of America (USA) with New York Department of State. Adam Anfiteatro is President and CEO of Hudon View Labs Inc.

Our Products

Virtual Reality

The expanding virtual reality market has made the need for innovative VR solutions a must. Let us help with your VR needs. We have experience working with the OSVR and VIVE virtual reality platforms. In addition to the OSVR and VIVE hardware, we have motion capture and position tracking systems. Please contact us for details, and we … Continue reading "Virtual Reality"The expand... [Read More]

3D Printer

Our state of the art printers can provide a quick and easy solution to your custom hardware needs. We have ABS and PLA plastic printers available. We provide post-processing options including filing, sanding and, for ABS parts, vapor polishing.Our state ... [Read More]

Circuit board design

Let us handle your printed circuit board needs. We can successfully design, etch, and assemble your custom circuit boards. We will prototype your board using our CNC engraver, which can achieve spacing down to 0.01 inch between traces. Then we can provide you with a fully assembled and finished circuit board for your OEM application.  Let us han... [Read More]

How Can Hudson View Labs Help You?

Entrepreneurs who might not have the resources/ability to
design their products themselves

  1. We can analyze the feasibility of your project and provide you with recommendations.
  2. We can design your part and provide CAD models and documentation.
  3. We can rapid prototype your part in PLA, ABS, or Nylon plastic.
  4. We can provide other services such as reverse engineering and troubleshooting.
Please contact us to learn more! We will be happy to provide a free consultation.
We are working on a diagnostic tool for the automotive industry which will empower professional and hobby mechanics to solve a common vehicle problem. We are developing an entertainment experience which leverages the power of virtual reality in a novel context.
Hudson View Labs Inc. is a research and development company formed with the intent to provide our customers with intuitive methods for product development. We are located in the village of Croton-on-Hudson, NY, just 1 hour North of New York City by train or bus.